Curricular Understanding

As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Teacher Quality Standards, an effective teacher understands the subject disciplines they teach.

I believe that I met the descriptors within this section and continue to do so by:

Networking with peers to continually build my bank of resources specific to the learner outcomes, related to curriculum content for grades one to four Language Arts, Math Social and Science.

Participated and applied strategies of the Balanced Literacy program offered through Parkland School Disvision. I have implemented many of the strategies that I have also observed, that are practiced by colleagues. Some of the strategies are:

                            Morning message, cloze activities, building words, sort and transfer, and shared reading.

Actively embedding  real life examples into my teaching, activities and presentations to increase the ability of my students to connect their learning.

Employing a variety of activities to maintain student intrest, such as creating projects, using manipulatives, read alouds, web-based visual presentations, pets in the classroom and games.

By using classroom interactions and discussions to provide students with an opportunity to share previous learning and to make connections.



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