Fostering Effective Relationships

As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Principal Quality Standard, an effective principal  “ builds trust and fosters positive working relationships, on the basis of appropriate values and ethical foundations, within the school community — students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council and others who have an interest in the school.

I believe that I have met that criteria by doing the following:

  • Building and cultivating strong relationships with our parents, school council, Friends of Seba, Community and other west end school to consistently and effectively meet the needs of our most important stakeholders, the children we work with.
  • Have created a symbiotic relationship with our partners, therefore allowing for open communication and collaboration when making decisions about the development and progress of out students.
  • Since my arrival have worked closely with the staff, parents, students and community to keep lines of communication open and as transparent as possible.
  • I have remained open and at times, actively sought feed back from stakeholders to allow for improvement. This has hopefully, ensured the delivery of the optimal opportunities for our students.
  • To increase communication, clarity and communication with as many stakeholders as possible, have created a School Facebook page, have initiated a school blog within PSDBlogs.
  • Have given stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the collaboration and collection of information that is reported in our AERR.
  • Looking at providing in-service/learning opportunities for all school community members about the new Division Report Card.
  • Looking at providing in-service/learning opportunities for all school community members about the digital responsibility and digital citizenship.

With the students I work with on a daily basis, I believe that I have met the some of the criteria by:

  • Consistently engaging students to become stronger and more responsible individuals, by requiring them to take ownership of their actions, comments and behaviors.
  • I also consistently emphasize to students that they must take responsibility for themselves and their behaviors, while taking into account that they do influence their peers, but that it is their choice to do it positively or negatively.

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