As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Teacher Quality Standards, an effective Teacher engages in a range of planning activities.Through reflections and observations from administrators it has been determined that I have met the descriptors by:

Creating year’s plans that identify themed topics of study through which learner outcomes are achieved. That these plans effectively spread student learning over the year in a theme-based, integrated fashion.

Developing and modifying detailed unit plans that contain learner outcomes for multiple grade levels, which are appropriate for the range of abilities in my current teaching setting.

Creating and supplying detailed substitute teacher plans to ensure the most effective transition for students in lessons.

As well as providing, in addition to, all required materials, activities and programs to supplement student learning.

Working diligently to maintain daily plans, which are representative of modifications made based on assessment of learning.

Modifying and developing individual programs plans based on the abilities of individual students.  



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