Shawn R. Ram
16157-128 A Street *  Edmonton, Alberta * T6V 1P2Residence (780) 456-2133 ** Mobile (780) 220-2133

Dedicated to Creating a Positive Learning Environment and Making a Difference to Students’ Lives



Self directed, dynamic, resourceful, enthusiastic and innovative educator with a passionate commitment to student development and success in the learning environment. I am experienced in the innovation of challenging, and enriching activities that address the diverse needs and interests of student learning. I possess outstanding communication skills which are used to present information and materials in a variety of methods and mediums to emphasize the relevance of curricular material to the world beyond the classroom. Strive active team member who supports colleagues and administrators, and who effectively collaborates with all staff to establish quality, open relationships that facilitate optimal success for all students.


Bachelors of Education :           University Of Alberta, Edmonton, AB               1999

Major : Biological Sciences                   Minor : Physical Education

Permanent Professional Certificate : Alberta Learning                                          2002


Curriculum Development

  • Developed innovative curriculum to instruct individuals, small groups and classes of 25 + students.
  • Organized time, space, resources and documents to balance workloads and stringent deadlines.
  • Created and collated comprehensive classroom Mathematics learning resource, encouraging and motivating students to complete, use and learn material.
  • Developed detailed classroom Social studies learning resources, facilitating and challenging students to complete, learn and use materials.

Educational Assessments

  • Reviewed numerous classroom assessment methods and techniques, adopting effective tools that were compliant with the school jurisdiction.
  • Created and modified assessment methods and techniques that have been integrated by colleagues and used in other areas of the jurisdiction.
  • Recognize the need for appropriate pacing and delay time to ensure internalization of concepts by all students.
  • Have participated in Professional Development to conduct, measure and score formalized standardized tests. (WIAT-II)

Student/Guardian Relations

  • Cultivated parent/guardian involvement through consistent written and verbal communication.
  • Talent for capturing student’s interests in education by providing interactive learning, extrinsic motivation and differentiated instruction.
  • Planned extracurricular activities including, organizing curriculum learning activities, supervising and advising work experience, coordinated transportation and schedules and chaperoning on offsite trips.

Classroom Presentation

  • Identifies student’s individualism and developed curriculum to accommodate different learning styles and levels, maximizing student comprehension (IPP Development, Coordination and Assessment).
  • Established affluent, student focused communication that empowered students to enjoy the learning process.
  • Maintained productive learning environment, by maintaining a positive learning atmosphere using operant learning strategies and problem-solving, conflict resolution strategies.

Leadership and Administration

  • Conducted student intake, and coordinated placement of the student into an appropriate classroom as well as appropriate educational programming.
  • Supervised and evaluated certified staff within a classroom, this includes assisting them in their personal and professional development.
  • Assist colleagues in other, non instructional functions, such as interagency communication, IPP development and completion, progress reporting and related paper work.
  • Fostered and maintained open dialogue with partner, Bosco Homes.
  • Participated in the Exploring Leadership program, provided by Parkland School Division.


Teacher (Special Education Grades 1-4)                                                           2008-Present

Brightbank Academy (CFL/Forest Green)

Parkland School Division #70

Lead Teacher (grades 3-11)                                                                                    2001-2008

Don Bosco Academy

Bosco Homes Jurisdiction, AB

Teacher (grades 7-11)                                                                                              2000-2001

Pigeon Lake Regional High School

Wetaskiwin School Division, AB

Teacher (grades 7-9)                                                                                                  1999-2000

Hythe Regional Junior High School

Peace Wapiti School Division


Understand the Principles of Level B Assessments 2010

Balanced Literacy Level 1                                                                                                       2010

WIAT –II Administration                                                                                                       2010

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention – Advanced                                                                  2009

Exploring Leadership (PSD#70)                                                                                           2009

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention                                                                                           2008

WHMIS (Alberta Health Services)                                                                                        2008

TDG (Alberta Health Services)                                                                                               2008

Permanent Teaching Certificate                                                                                            2002


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