Classroom Management

As discussed in Alberta Education’s document on the Teacher Quality Standards, an effective teacher creates and maintains an environment that is conducive to student learning.

I believe that I have met many of the descriptors under this heading by:

Regularly creating and maintaining a positive, safe and encouraging atmosphere with regular routines, smooth transitions and a well established list of positive and negative rewards.

Providing clear expectations that have been established for behavior with a tracking system that is clearly understood by students and easily integrated.

Handling discipline issues in a low-key, proactive manner,  combined with positively phrasing comments of a corrective nature results in students easily de-escalating.

Completing Regular as well as Advanced training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention,  to ensure the safety of everyone when increasingly serious behaviors occur and need to be dealt with in immediately.

Being clear and concise when giving directions and instructions, when attempting to answer the questions of students in a quick and timely manner.

Effectively using humor to try and keep the tone and atmosphere of the classroom light, but with a definable element of warmth and mutual respect.


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